Gopher State League play will allow USSSA and USA bats for the 2020 season. 

Will Gopher State be switching in the future?  The vote was to maintain the standard going forward with no plans to switch.  This could change but the current plan is to make no changes to the bat rules. 

What is the difference between the bat standards?  The new USA Standard is designed to be more like a wood bat, with less 'pop' and exit velocity of the baseball off the bat.  

If buying  a new bat, what should I buy?  This is going to be a personal decision as both bats are going to be legal in league play, but again the newer USA Standard bat is going to play more like a wood bat.  

What bats will be allowed in tournaments?   Most tournaments FL teams will be participating in will allow both bat standards.  There will however, be some 'USA only' bat tournaments we enter.   We will have some USA bats available for teams to use.