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    Board Members Needed

    With season coming to close in the next couple of weeks, it is time to start thinking about planning for next year.   Are you interested in being a part of that process?  Come be a part of FLBA and growing our program!  

    Board commitment is for 3 years, with one monthly meeting.  Throughout the year there are a few required events:

    1.  October Fall Retreat Day

    2.  Tryout Weekend in March

    3.  Parent Meeting Night (it will be back in 2022)

    4.  14AAA Tournament Weekend in June

    If you are interested please fill out the application below or if you have questions reach out to anyone of our board members.   Board applications are due August 31st with elections taking place at our September meeting.  

    Scholarship Opportunity

    Jim Harelson Memorial 

    Equipment Updates

    Gravelle Baseball Facility

    Looking for a place to workout, or for lessons?  Check out Gravelle Baseball Facility. 


    Sponsored by OSI Physical Therapy

    OSI Physical Therapy

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    FLBA in extremely excited to have invested in and committed to the Trusted Coaches program!

    We are excited to be fostering the Double-Goal Coaching philosophy:

    • Model and teach your players to Honor the Game
    • Help players Redefine what it means to be a "Winner" in terms of Mastery, not just the Scoreboard
    • Fill your players' Emotional Tanks
    • Have Conversations during Team meetings with your players at every practice and every game