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    2018 FLBA Opening Day Canceled

    Due to the unfortunate weather we are experiencing and the forecast for the upcoming weekend we have decided to cancel the Opening Day Festivities scheduled for Kulenkamp. 

    We will be communicating to coaches that we are still having the high school coaches do a clinic at the high school on Saturday, April 14th from 10:00AM-12:00PM. 

    In addition we are working with Forest Lake Chevrolet to reschedule the Chevy Youth Baseball day, most likely to April 21st.  This will date will be communicated to team managers and coaches as soon as we are able to confirm.  

    If you have any questions please reach out to the board. 


    2018 Traveling Baseball

    Thanks to all the boys who tried out for this year.   Tryout results are listed below.  




    2018 Bat Standards

    We wanted to provide a quick update on the bat standards for the 2018 season.   As many have seen at stores there is a new bat standard, the USA Standard, that is out on the market and some leagues are switching to use this new standard. 

    On October 25th the Gopher State Baseball League Advisory meeting was held and a vote was taken to maintain the current bat standards that have been in place the last several seasons.

    What does the mean for our player?  This means that the current bat you are using is still legal for play next season in Gopher State League play.  If you wish to use the new USA Standard, this bat is allowed as well. 

    Will Gopher State be switching in the future?  The vote was to maintain the standard going forward with no plans to switch.  This could change but the current plan is to make no changes to the bat rules. 

    What is the difference between the bat standards?  The new USA Standard is designed to be more like a wood bat, with less 'pop' and exit velocity of the baseball off the bat.  

    If buying  a new bat, what should I buy?  This is going to be a personal decision as both bats are going to be legal in league play, but again the newer USA Standard bat is going to play more like a wood bat.  

    What bats will be allowed in tournaments?   This will be up to the individual tournament hosts to make a decision on what bat they will allow.  The other major league in the metro area, Metro Baseball League has voted to only allow USA Baseball bats this season in their qualifying tournaments.    Given this recent change the FLBA board is currently discussing how this will impact the tournaments we will register teams in for the 2018 season.  

    If you have any questions or comments please reach out to our Travel Director Brandon Henry at  


    Forest Lake Chevrolet Test Drive

    Forest Lake Chevrolet has joined forces with Chevrolet and the Chevy Youth Baseball program in an effort to provide new equipment, instruction opportunities as well as sponsorship dollars for the Forest Lake Baseball Association.  

    In 2018, the Chevy Youth Baseball Test Drive Fundraising Opportunity is a program by which Forest Lake Chevrolet will provide $25 on behalf of every customer that visits our dealership and takes a test drive in any one of the new Chevrolet vehicles in stock, up to a maximum of $500.

    When visiting the dealership, please mention you are looking to support FLBA through the Chevy Youth Baseball test drive fundraising opportunity.  

    The test-drive program officially ends on June 30, 2018 or whenever the supplies are exhausted.



    VFW Registration

    For those who have been asked to sign up for VFW baseball use the link below and choose 16s when you register.  


    Sponsored by OSI Physical Therapy

    OSI Physical Therapy

    Visit Website

    FLBA in extremely excited to have invested in and committed to the Trusted Coaches program!

    We are excited to be fostering the Double-Goal Coaching philosophy:

    • Model and teach your players to Honor the Game
    • Help players Redefine what it means to be a "Winner" in terms of Mastery, not just the Scoreboard
    • Fill your players' Emotional Tanks
    • Have Conversations during Team meetings with your players at every practice and every game